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At Sandal Gap Studio our mission is to fill the gap. The gap of knowledge and understanding between society and individuals with disabilities. We break down these superficial barriers using art. We build new ventures for young artists so that the gap is filled with beauty, acceptance and understanding. Maybe we aren’t so different after all.

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Sandal Gap Studio exists to share the beauty of inclusivity through art. We intentionally expose society to the disability community in a comfortable environment where art is used as the common language among the verbal and non-verbal.

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Born from two sisters’ combined passions - one for art and the other for inclusion. It all started with a simple, yet powerful dream. Our daughter, Ace, made a request - let’s create a place where people of all abilities can come together in complete unity. A place where everyone is equal. A place where questions could be asked and people can get comfortable with different. As you can guess, we were all on board! Our daughter, Sevy Marie, is a fifteen year old internationally collected artist with Down syndrome. Her art journey is really how all of this began. Through Sevy’s art, our eyes were opened to the power of art as a vehicle for unity, inclusion and equality. 

Put simply, we are a non-profit organization that promotes inclusion through art. We’re an art studio for artists of all abilities. A place where people can come together and build life-changing relationships

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Executive Director

Chief Mom

Mom. Writer. Photographer. Ninja Warrior. Homeschooler. Assistant everything. Lover of all things peculiar. Enjoys spending time with her kids almost as much as she enjoys hiding from them.

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Operations Director

Dad to the Rescue

Dad. Adventurer. Problem solver. Mishap causer. Awkward moments champion. When he's not working you can find him fully immersed in games of tag or duck-duck-goose, sometimes with his own kids but mostly with random ones. 

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Studio Director

Friend in Charge

Activist. Loyal Supporter. Storyteller. Trouble maker. Big heart. Even bigger hugs. When she’s not traveling the world (pre-COVID) you can find her either with her dog, Penelope, or at Sandal Gap Studio where she manages the day to day shenanigans of the studio and its artists.

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Junior Executive Director

Inclusion advocate. Animal lover. Fierce protector of her siblings. Social Justice fighter who loves graphic novels, singing, and spending time with her family.

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Founding Artist

Adopted from Bulgaria at age 12. Survivor. Brilliant artist with the most beautiful mind. Has no trouble communicating, though not with words. Stubborn little boss lady who loves music, carbs,  art, and being part of a family.

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Studio Artist

DJ is a brilliant songwriter and lyricist. He keeps a notebook where he handwrites all of his original songs. He then takes lines from his songs, and uses electrical tape to write them on boards, creating unique, modern and edgy pieces of art. He loves Selena Gomez and can outlast anyone on a dance floor.

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Studio Artist

Amy’s creativity is endless. She uses found objects and a variety of yarn, string, and other fiber to create elaborate, quirky sculptures. She’s incredibly hardworking, rarely taking breaks while building her sculptures. She keeps us all laughing and gives the world’s best hugs.

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Studio Artist

Nathan has an incredibly rare and beautiful mind. He is a talented sketch artist. Often drawing whatever is in his mind- from the history of the television to the process of building a car. His knowledge is limitless. He loves being a part of the Sandal Gap family and we are so lucky to have him as an artist.