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We are a one of a kind Art Studio in Houston.


Hello! We’re the Eichers, a vibrant family of six that dreamed of and recently opened an art studio, in Houston, to celebrate inclusion, equality and unity through art.


RADKO- age 5. Nickname: Wreck It Rad. Adrenaline seeking daredevil who loves cuddling, fire, and making his family laugh.

SEVY- age 15. Adopted from Bulgaria at age 12. Survivor. Brilliant artist with the most beautiful mind. Has no trouble communicating, though not with words. Stubborn little boss lady who loves music, carbs,  art, and being part of a family.

ACE- age 10. Inclusion advocate. Animal lover. Fierce protector of her siblings. Social Justice fighter who loves graphic novels, singing, and spending time with her family.

Lisa-Mom. Writer. Photographer. Ninja Warrior. Homeschooler. Assistant everything. Lover of all things peculiar. Enjoys spending time with her kids almost as much as she enjoys hiding from them.

ARCHIE- age 14. Adopted from Bulgaria at age 7. Kind-hearted friend to all who loves music videos, non-stop talking, and meeting new people.

Joey-Dad. Adventurer. Problem solver. Mishap causer. Awkward moments champion. When he's not working you can find him fully immersed in games of tag or duck-duck-goose, sometimes with his own kids but mostly with random ones. 


How We Got Started


Born from two sisters’ combined passions - one for art and the other for inclusion. It all started with a simple, yet powerful dream. Our daughter, Ace, made a request - let’s create a place where people of all abilities can come together in complete unity. A place where everyone is equal. A place where questions could be asked and people can get comfortable with different. As you can guess, we were all on board! Our daughter, Sevy Marie, is a fifteen year old internationally collected artist with Down syndrome. Her art journey is really how all of this began. Through Sevy’s art, our eyes were opened to the power of art as a vehicle for unity, inclusion and equality. We invite you to learn more about Sevy and Sevy Marie Art.

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What We Do

Put simply, we are a non-profit organization that promotes inclusion through art. We’re an art studio for artists of all abilities. A place where people can come together and build life-changing relationships.

By gathering differently abled artists and giving them a space to create and share, we’re creating a community that may have never otherwise come together and that allows for free exploration and questions. By pairing typical children and adults with our differently abled artists, Sandal Gap Studio is a place where people of all abilities can sit at the same table to be loved and accepted exactly as they are.

Through art classes, demonstrations, meet-and-greets and so much more, Sandal Gap Studio is an art studio, in Houston, for everyone. We invite you to come by to see what we’re up to - we promise you’ll be inspired!



In life, we think there’s so much beauty to be found in “the space between”. The small moments linking the big ones. The unplanned and unexpected. The uncontrollable laughter in the face of mishap. These are the places where we find euphoria - the moments we remember forever.

At Sandal Gap Studio, our dreams is to celebrate “the space between” every chance we get. Our studio exists to encourage compassion and kindness through creating and sharing.