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About our name

The “Sandal Gap” is one of the unique physical traits that many people with Down syndrome have. It’s the large space between the big toe and the others. We’re not sure what it is about that gap that we love so much - likely how random and distinctive it is. And, a bit peculiar.




In life, we think there’s so much beauty to be found in “the space between”. The small moments linking the big ones. The unplanned and unexpected. The uncontrollable laughter in the face of mishap. These are the places where we find euphoria - the moments we remember forever.

At Sandal Gap Studio, our dreams is to celebrate “the space between” every chance we get. Our studio exists to encourage compassion and kindness through creating and sharing.



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Inspired by Sevy, and lovingly
dreamed up by her sister, Ace.

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Art is an Equalizer. It’s a vehicle to spread inclusion,equality and unity.

Let’s create!

Free Art & Painting Classes • Unified Art Projects • Photography Classes • Special Needs Camps
Activities for Down Syndrome Adults • Drawing Classes




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We invite you to stop in and visit with our artists while observing their latest projects. Check our our events page. There is always something fun going on!

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Phase One


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